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Rune V. Cappelen Strømsted studied at Statens håndverks- og kunstindustriskole (SHKS) and Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHIO). He is member of the National Association of Norwegian Painters (LNM) and Vestfold Visual Artists (VBK).

About the artist

«Impressive naturalism...»
«...On the other side stands Rune V. Cappelen Strømsted with a selection of landscape paintings of really high quality, albeit in such a naturalistic design language that he consciously places himself quite marginally in relation to contemporary art's most relevant discourses. His pictures do not fall under retrogardist critique of modernism, but are pure landscape compositions made with nature as the main focus...»
Arnt Fredheim - 'Moss Avis', 20.10.09

Artistic statement

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During my artistic career, I have moved from a type of impressionistic nature poetry, via a quiet and contemplative abstract expressionism (inspired by Mark Rothko and Johs Rian, among others) and back to the figurative again. Although I explore the picturesque qualities of light, colors, form, space and composition, it is the communication of the nature experience and the expression itself that is essential. In recent times I also get more and more pleasure from exploring and perfect technique and achievement (in a contemplative process).
The excerpt from the review reproduced above describes in a way some of my approach to the work: ‘nature as the main focus’. It is a conscious choice in terms of creating an analog and tactile counterweight to the massive digital impressions we are exposed to in everyday life.
I have always been fascinated by ‘mood painting’ from the time around the turn of the last century with painters such as Kitty Kielland, Anna Ancher and Eilif Peterssen - ‘Jær painters’ and ‘Skagen painters’.
The geographical aspects are important in my approach, through the concepts: landforms, place and ecology - the latter in the meaning of the interaction between human use of nature and simultaneous protection against the forces of nature, as well as the formation of cultural landscapes, such as the coastal cultural landscapes with their lighthouses, lanterns, cairns and signs. (I grew up close to the sea and have a close relationship with both the forces of nature and its resources, not least the visual impact from weather, sky and open sea).


Rune V. Cappelen Strømsted

Nøtterøy, Vestfold, NORWAY



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